Phuket Thailand

This is my second time visiting Phuket

My first time visiting Phuket was in 2014. I still remember the green blue sea waters, the blue sky, coconut trees and the unique skin color of Phuket local people.

Taken in 2014

This time, I came to Phuket for a funeral ceremony of my boss’s father, who got a craft accident in Phuket. This is my first time to attend funeral ceremony in Thailand. It is organized in a temple, with the pray of monks. I was sitting in the temple and thinking about life. Life is short, we all don’t know about the future. Everything become nothing when death arrives. Why we don’t cherish every second when we can breath. Why we hate peoples we used to love the most. Why we can’t just let the things go, such as bitterness , sadness, stresses etc. If people dead, you will never had a chance to see her/him. So if you miss someone , even you are hating him the most at this second, but I suggest you just picking up your phone and say hi to her/him. If it is possible, go to meet her/him in person, then have a meal together. Please don’t hesitate till end of the life.


Forget it, if you can.

Forgive it, if you can.

Then, happiness will come to you.

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