Bogo Myanmar

Hello Wednesday!

I found some photos that took 3 years ago when I visited a rural village in Bogo, Myanmar. I was impressed by the daily life of the rural poor there.  I believe people, who live in the modern society with the sufficient life supplement, can not image what the livelihood likes there. No electricity, no safety house (only a shelter with banana leaves), no clean waters, no school, no car, no shopping mall…. Some of them even never had a chance to see the world outside of the village. It was really impressive.

The time when I visited there, I found a school. A very simple classroom with different age kids sitting inside. I took some photos when they were learning. Their innocent eyes moved me. I hope NGO could bring sunshine to this village. I hope government will see the little hopes in the villages. I hope the kids could study hard and will have chance to walk out and see the world outside, one day.


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