Tomorrow is a new day

The only good thing is writing here, knowing you, making friend here.

There are many things that we can’t accept in this world, but we have to. There are many things that we don’t know why, but we must to accept it. Because this is what we called “life”.

Whatever happened, we must be brave to face it. Whoever we lost, we must to accept it. And always remember one thing that tomorrow will be a new day.

No matter how hard, no matter how dark, no matter how tired and tough, we all have to keep on moving.

My English is not that much good because I am not a native speaker. I started to learn English since I was 13 at high school. But I love to learn language and interested in learning English. I got many stories to share here and I dared to run my blog here, named it “Giggle Laughter”, because I love to giggle like a silly girl, forget all bitterness and sadness. Giggled by heart. And I know this is what I am.

Whoever have chance to read my story here, please leave your messages. You could point out my grammar mistakes, you could leave your encouragements, you could even post a smile emoji here. I do appreciate it if you could because it can be a great empowerment for me to improve my English, and make friends here.

I do believe tomorrow will be new day! Rainbow comes after a storm rain.

This was taken at Red Lotus Lake, Udon Thani, Thailand

9 thoughts on “Tomorrow is a new day

  1. This is beautiful.


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      2. What’s that mean? I don’t quite understand


      3. is an open platform where writers can register and share their content. Would you like to?


      4. Of course.


      5. Then why not. I’d love to do so.


      6. Great. Please visit and register yourself. Post that, you can start sharing your content.


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